सोमवार, 28 फ़रवरी 2011

Chasing A Mirage

Chasing A Mirage
Eyes searching for a mate
But, only loneliness is in my fate
Life exist only in dreams and imaginations,
I need something I need someone
To keep me away from isolation
I am stuck in a desert
I am caught up in a sandstorm
Searching for a shelter
Searching for a home
I am thirsty
I have to assuage my thirst
But how can i get aqua
In this deadly desert
But I am searching
I am running
I am panting
I am gasping
I am sweating profusely
Winds are being my foe, blowing swiftly
 I am tired
I am fed up
I think its a nightmare
And I should wakeup
But, I have to accept this realism
That it is not a dream
 I am running again
In search of nectar
In search of a fountain
I have to survive
I have to remain alive
I am optimistic
I have to fight
After the darkness
There is light
 Silver is flowing
Below the horizon
It will calm me
From the giant sun
I am shouting
“I am coming”
“I am coming”
My voice scattering, spreading
O life listen" I am coming"
O Love listen "I am coming"
Coming towards you
Coming towards the rare dew
 I am chasing
But, it is  far
I have kept chasing
But, It is still far
It is Calling me
Calling me to caress
Calling me to refresh
But I am unable to be there
I am falling 
I can not survive here
Lips Are Drying
Eyes Are Crying
I am leaving this world
I am dying
I am dying without you
 I am dying in your absence
But, every moment i have felt your presence
I was coming to you 
You were going away
I am a fool right now
I was a fool then
In this desert
I was searching for you
I was searching for a fountain
Neither I got you
Nor the rare dew
I am wondering, how foolish I was
When I was chasing a mirage
Why I was chasing a mirage 

Brajesh Singh

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